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Comments by southern civil society

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Alto Maipo endangers Santiago water supply Call for IFC to reject funding

Comment|Marcela Mella Ortiz|24 September 2013|url
Alto Maipo endangers Santiago water supply

Chilean civil society groups demand that a controversial hydroelectric project, which is projected to have a negative impact on environment and Santiago's supply of drinking water, be reconsidered. read article...

Why the IMF must cancel Pakistan's debt

Comment|Dr Fayaz Ahmed|19 September 2013|url

This year, Nawaz Sharif will take over as Pakistan's new prime minister with expectations of a 'new' vision for the country. Alongside development and economic issues, Sharif's new government will also be tasked with tackling the debt repayments that the country is scheduled to make in the next two years and beyond in a $6.64 billion IMF loan agreement that was approved in September. read article...

Year 2 of the Tunisian revolution: Private profit vs public interest

Comment|l'Observatoire tunisien de l'économie|2 July 2013|url

In October 2012, the Tunisian government submitted a draft bill to the Constituent Assembly to shape a legal and institutional framework favourable to public-private partnerships (PPP). read article...

An accountability mechanism without teeth? Two Albanian projects under CAO review

Comment|Agron Alibali, Lavdosh Ferruni|26 June 2013|update 86|url

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank, is under internal scrutiny for two projects in Albania. read article...

Dr Kim, where is Mongolia's economic diversification?

Comment|Sukhgerel Dugersuren|8 April 2013|update 85|url

In late February the World Bank's private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) boards decided to spearhead a $4 billion dollar syndicated loan to a copper, gold and silver mine located in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. An increasing number of people believe that it is going to lead Mongolia to dependence on one product and one corporation, driving the country into deep insecurity. read article...

Cyprus - whose crisis?

Comment|Petros Kosmas|28 March 2013|update 85|url

The economic crisis in Cyprus erupted during the second cycle of the European recession of 2011 as a result of harsh austerity policies imposed since 2010 in Europe. It is a new crisis born of a failed response to the original European crisis. read article...

Hastily introduced World Bank projects threaten to undermine peace process in Burma

Comment|Khin Ohmar|22 January 2013|update 84|url

In late 2012 the World Bank announced its first lending to Burma in over 20 years. The concern among many grassroots activists, however, is that the areas to which this money will be funnelled are still in the earliest stages of the peace process, and that huge influxes of money will undermine efforts for sustainable peace. read article...

The IMF in Egypt: revolution or coming full circle?

Comment|Amr Adly|26 November 2012|update 83|url

The Egyptian government has finally concluded an initial loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) following two years of continual negotiations. read article...

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