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IDA—International Development Association

Created in 1960, IDA offers assistance to the poorest countries, providing them with interest-free loans, grants, technical assistance and policy advice. IDA is funded by wealthier nations, lending only to those countries that have a per capita income of less than $1,135 and lack the financial ability to borrow from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), which lends to middle-income countries. At present, 64 countries are eligible to borrow from IDA (including 14 'blend' countries which are credit-worthy enough to borrow from IBRD as well). Since 2002, IDA has also offered grants to countries based on their risk of debt distress. IDA lending totalled $11.2 billion in fiscal year 2009, of which 19% was grants (a slightly lower proportion than the average for the last six years). read more background...

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First ever real-terms drop in IDA agreed Replenishment negotiations focus on private sector, fragile states

News|Bretton Woods Project|18 September 2013|url

As the negotiations on the 17th replenishment of the World Bank's International Development Association (IDA) pass the half way mark, a real-terms drop in IDA and stingier terms for borrowers have been agreed. The discussion has focussed largely on the private sector and fragile states. read article...

Civil society meeting with Stewart James, UK Alternate Executive Director to the World Bank 15 July 2013

Minutes|Bretton Woods Project|16 September 2013|url

Minutes of CSO meeting with Stewart James, UK Alternate Executive Director to the World Bank, 15 July 2013 read article...

World Bank's new strategy: 'deliverology' for the private sector?

News|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|update 86|url

As the World Bank's attention moves from goal-setting to implementation of a new strategy, it is becoming clear that it intends to further prioritise the role of the private sector and adopt many practices of its private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), as the main pillars for the whole group. read article...

Colombia case study: results measurement and poverty eradication

Minutes|Bretton Woods Project|23 April 2013|url

This session examined Colombia's private sector partnerships and poverty eradication programme. read article...

All you need to know: World Bank-IMF spring meetings 2013

News|Bretton Woods Project|22 April 2013|url

The 2013 spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF will take place from 18 to 20 April in Washington, DC. You will be able find links below to analysis of the communiqués as well as notes of some of the civil society and official meetings, as they become available. read article...

Financial and housing crises, the Bank's safeguards and the right to adequate housing

Minutes|Bretton Woods Project|22 April 2013|url

This session featured a presentation from UN special rapporteur on the links between financial and housing crises, safeguards and the right to adequate housing. read article...

Bending the arc of poverty

Minutes|Bretton Woods Project|22 April 2013|url

The session focused on the World Bank's development strategy, poverty eradication goals, global inequality, and the threat of climate change. read article...

The challenges of advancing sustainability at the World Bank

Minutes|Bretton Woods Project|22 April 2013|url

This panel discussion reflected on the major sustainability challenges facing the World Bank through exploring two World Resources Institute areas - a portfolio analysis on 2012 projects, and the interaction between country systems and World Bank safeguard approaches. read article...

World Bank executive directors roundtable with CSOs 16 April 2013

Minutes|Bretton Woods Project|19 April 2013|url

Minutes of an open roundtable with EDs that occurred during the 2013 spring meetings. read article...

IDA results and replenishment Event at the civil society policy forum on 18 April 2013

Minutes|Bretton Woods Project|19 April 2013|url

Minutes of an event at the 2013 spring meetings read article...

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