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IEO—Independent Evaluation Office

The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) was established to conduct objective and independent evaluations on issues, on the basis of relevance to the mandate of the IMF. The IEO also aims to promote greater understanding of the Fund's work throughout the membership. While the executive director is appointed by the Fund's board, the IEO is supposed to be independent of the IMF's management and staff. The IEO, which was established in 2001, has thirteen staff including the director, currently Mr. Thomas A. Bernes. read more background...

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All you need to know: World Bank-IMF spring meetings 2013

News|Bretton Woods Project|22 April 2013|url

The 2013 spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF will take place from 18 to 20 April in Washington, DC. You will be able find links below to analysis of the communiqués as well as notes of some of the civil society and official meetings, as they become available. read article...

IEO: IMF reform implementation "not working well"

News|Bretton Woods Project|3 April 2013|update 85|url

The second external evaluation of the IMF's Independent Evaluation Office (IEO), discussed by the IMF board end March, evaluated how well the IEO has met its institutional mandate since 2006. read article...

Bretton Woods Project submission to IEO evaluation Topics for evaluation over the medium term

Letter|Bretton Woods Project|30 October 2012|url

We are very pleased to see the IEO continue its excellent work reaching out to stakeholders, external parties and shareholders, while both considering its work programme and conducting evaluations. This is a vital component of the IEO’s approach that ensures well-informed and well-considered analysis. read article...

World Bank-IMF annual meetings 2012

News|Bretton Woods Project|16 October 2012|url

Analysis, news, and about the events inside and around the World Bank/IMF annual meetings 2012. This page is being updated regularly. read article...

External panel to review IMF's Independent Evaluation Office

News|Bretton Woods Project|2 October 2012|update 82|url

In August, the IMF executive board appointed an external panel to review the work of the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO), the body that assesses the work of the IMF. read article...

World Bank-IMF spring meetings 2012

News|Bretton Woods Project|20 April 2012|url

Analysis of the 2012 World Bank and IMF spring meetings and related events, including the selection of new World Bank president Jim Yong Kim. read article...

IMF's "trusted advisor" role to be scrutinised

article|Bretton Woods Project|21 November 2011|update 78|url

The IMF's Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) has released an issues paper describing how it will assess whether the IMF has strengthened its 'trusted advisor' role since 2005. read article...

World Bank-IMF annual meetings 2011

News|Bretton Woods Project|26 September 2011|url

Analysis, news, and about the events inside and around the World Bank/IMF annual meetings 2011. This page is being updated regularly. read article...

Evaluations suggest IMF, World Bank research ideologically driven

News|Bretton Woods Project|14 September 2011|update 77|url

A report by the IMF’s arms-length evaluation body, the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO), suggests that Fund research does not allow room for alternative perspectives, while academics attack the World Bank for pursuing ideologically driven research agendas.  read article...

IEO publishes draft issues papers on IMF advice, learning systems

News|Bretton Woods Project|14 September 2011|update 77|url

Over the summer the Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF released draft issues papers for two forthcoming evaluations. read article...

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