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WBG—World Bank Group

Established in 1944 at the Bretton Woods summit the World Bank Group is based in Washington D.C. with some 10,000 staff, 30 per cent of which are based in more than 100 country offices. The current president is Jim Yong Kim who was appointed in 2012. The World Bank Group is made up of five organisations: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD); International Development Association (IDA); International Finance Corporation (IFC); Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA); and International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). read more background...

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First ever real-terms drop in IDA agreed Replenishment negotiations focus on private sector, fragile states

News|Bretton Woods Project|18 September 2013|url

As the negotiations on the 17th replenishment of the World Bank's International Development Association (IDA) pass the half way mark, a real-terms drop in IDA and stingier terms for borrowers have been agreed. The discussion has focussed largely on the private sector and fragile states. read article...

Civil society meeting with Stewart James, UK Alternate Executive Director to the World Bank 15 July 2013

Minutes|Bretton Woods Project|16 September 2013|url

Minutes of CSO meeting with Stewart James, UK Alternate Executive Director to the World Bank, 15 July 2013 read article...

5-star development the IFC's new corporate welfare projects

News|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|update 86|url

Controversial IFC investments in tourism and infrastructure projects continue to cause friction with local communities, prompting a new complaint to the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman. read article...

Memorandum to the International Development Committee Inquiry on the Future of UK Development Cooperation

Briefing|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|url

In written evidence submitted to the UK parliament's International Development Committee, we argue that further reform of the World Bank is needed. read article...

World Bank's new strategy: 'deliverology' for the private sector?

News|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|update 86|url

As the World Bank's attention moves from goal-setting to implementation of a new strategy, it is becoming clear that it intends to further prioritise the role of the private sector and adopt many practices of its private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), as the main pillars for the whole group. read article...

Financial sector risks remain

News|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|update 86|url

A May IMF staff discussion note evaluated international efforts to address gaps in regulation of "a relatively small number of large, complex financial institutions" which remain "very difficult to regulate, supervise and resolve". read article...

Leaked documents: World Bank strategy draft recommendations

Resource|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|url

Web links for the leaked documents about the World Bank's strategy. read article...

IFIs on capital: flowing in same direction

News|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|update 86|url

The IMF's long-awaited guidance note on capital flows fails to remedy the faults of the 'institutional view' on capital account. The World Bank's long-term thinking is also emphasises liberalisation. read article...

IMF push for MENA subsidy reforms Who benefits?

News|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|update 86|url

The IMF signed a deal with Tunisia in June, after its renewed attempt to lend to Egypt failed in April, while civil society remained concerned about the legitimacy and transparency of the negotiations. read article...

Watanabe new chair of Inspection Panel

News|Bretton Woods Project|26 June 2013|update 86|url

Eimi Watanabe, a Japanese national, has been appointed to chair the World Bank's Inspection Panel for one year starting in May. read article...

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