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Bretton Woods Update No.40 May/June 2004

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Ties that bind: possible shifts on conditionality?

News|28 May 2004

Illustration by Robin Heighway-Bury/

The extent to which efforts to review conditionality represent a desire for better implementation rather than a fundamental re-examination of the impact of policy conditions remains unclear. read article...

New debt sustainability framework: too little, too subjective

News|28 May 2004

Civil society groups welcome the intention but not the detail of a new IMF, World Bank framework for assessing countries’ debts and their potential to take on new lending. read article...

Lula and Kirchner want IMF to relax its grip

by Roberto Bissio

Comment|24 May 2004

A new initiative to rewrite the rules of engagement with the IMF could mark the biggest change in creditor-debtor relations in a generation. read article...

Symbolic vote does nothing to change Fund leadership stitch-up

News|24 May 2004

Unsurprisingly, former Spanish Finance Minister Rodrigo Rato was confirmed as Managing Director of the IMF in a mock voting procedure on 4 May. Disappointment was widespread that the Fund had failed to end the stitch-up that allows Europe to nominate the Fund's head. read article...

US lawmakers scrutinise World Bank record on corruption

News|28 May 2004

At hearings in the US Senate commentators criticised World Bank anti-corruption activities and proposed new approaches. read article...

G8 governments review IFI mandates

News|28 May 2004

The world's most powerful governments are assessing the roles of international financial insitutions. read article...

Peoples' movement tackles IFI anniversary

News|28 May 2004

A special publication by the National Alliance of Peoples' Movements India features a range of critical articles on international financial institutions. read article...

Disclosure in private sector financing

News|28 May 2004

The World Bank’s private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation, is conducting a review of its 1998 Policy on Disclosure of Information. read article...

African Executive Directors' support fund

News|28 May 2004

The African Economic Research Consortium has been awarded the contract by the sub-saharan African Executive Directors at the Bank and Fund to act as the commissioning agent for the Analytical Trust Fund. read article...

Middle-income strategy threatens safeguards

News|28 May 2004

A coalition of NGOs led by International Rivers Network has raised alarm bells that a proposed World Bank middle income country strategy will seriously weaken policies meant to protect vulnerable groups and the environment. read article...

Haitian victory

News|28 May 2004

Thirty-four union members at a free-trade zone plant financed by the IFC - laid off for over six weeks - were reinstated on 14 April. read article...

Gender "poorly rooted"

News|28 May 2004

Gender has been incorporated within the framework of standard macroeconomic and sector policies. read article...

Concerns about Brazil soya project

News|28 May 2004

Brazilian NGOs challenge proposed World Bank Group support for soya farming in the Amazon region. read article...

IMF Trade Integration Mechanism: Sweetening a sour deal

News|24 May 2004

With much fanfare, the Board of the IMF approved the Trade Integration Mechanism in April, a new insurance policy to entice developing countries back to the multilateral trade table. read article...

Parliamentarians’ trade working group

News|24 May 2004

On 20 April, the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank launched a working group on international trade. read article...

Bank trade evaluation: assume the position

News|24 May 2004

The World Bank Operations Evaluation Department's plan for an evaluation of Bank assistance on trade shies away from many of the key issues according to ChristianAid. read article...

Wolfensohn discusses human rights, environment at Greenpeace lecture

News|24 May 2004

The World Bank’s president made interesting statements on human rights and climate change. But he was not specific and he asserted brashly that his institution has not harmed indigenous people since he has been in charge. read article...

The World Bank’s knowledge roles: dominating development debates

by Alex Wilks

At Issue|28 May 2004

Since 1996 the World Bank President has emphasised his institution’s roles as a “knowledge bank“. But just as one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter, what some see as knowledge is viewed by others as propaganda for a particular world view. read article...

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