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Bretton Woods Update No.58 November/December 2007

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Failing small farmers: The World Bank and agriculture

News|4 December 2007

Illustration by Robin Heighway-Bury/

Stinging from a critique from its own evaluation unit on its work on agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, the World Bank released its flagship annual report on agriculture in October to heavy criticism from civil society. read article...

Climate contradictions: World Bank sets up shop in Bali

News|4 December 2007

The key role that the World Bank is preparing to play in December's international climate change conference in Bali sits uncomfortably with its continued commitment to fossil fuel funding and failure to make a meaningful shift in its energy lending read article...

IMF flees Bangladesh

by Anu Mohammad

Comment|4 December 2007

An IMF mission visited Dhaka in September 2007 to sign a PSI and put another chain around the country's neck. But the people of Bangladesh did not behave as the mission expected. They said a loud “NO” to the IMF mission. read article...

IFC: carbon cowboys in the Amazon

News|4 December 2007

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) risk breaching their own social and environmental safeguards if they provide funding for the Peru liquefied natural gas project, or Camisea II. read article...

Fund fights capital controls, not turbulent capital markets

News|4 December 2007

Despite concerns about the consequences of the credit market breakdown in rich countries spilling over into other countries, the IMF is nagging developing countries to open their capital accounts and looking to regulate sovereign wealth funds. read article...

Ungovernable debate over Fund governance reform

News|4 December 2007

With the wait for new leadership at the IMF over and the deadline for a deal on quota reform looming, the hard bargaining over power at the Fund will now begin. Still no end to European dominance of the institution is in site. read article...

Less carrot, more stick please Disappointing reforms at IDA 15

News|4 December 2007

As negotiations close over donations to the World Bank's financing arm for low income countries, civil society groups have expressed disappointment over the failure to make progress on conditionality, debt sustainability, allocation or impact assessment. read article...

New World Bank financing instruments Who bears the risk?

News|4 December 2007

Two areas that Robert Zoellick's Bank is likely to focus on are the promotion of risk management instruments, and developing local currency bond markets. read article...

Further embarrassment over Botnia

News|12 December 2007

Minutes before cutting the ribbon of inauguration for the IFC-funded pulp mill owned by Finnish Company Oy Metsa Botnia in Uruguay at the start of November, Erikki Varis, CEO of the Finnish company was ordered to hold off by the Spanish government read article...

World Bank: head in the sand over 'peace conduit'

News|4 December 2007

NGO Friends of the Earth Middle East has expressed concern over the World Bank's involvement in the Red Sea to Dead Sea water conveyance project, in particular its failure to consider alternatives that would tackle the root cause of the Dead Sea's degradation read article...

Your support of the Bretton Woods Project is crucial

News|4 December 2007

Bretton Woods Project seeks reader support read article...

The International Finance Corporation: Behind the rhetoric

by Tahira Thapar

At Issue|4 December 2007

There is evidence that the IFC's financing of small and medium enterprises, almost all of which occurs via financial intermediaries, is under-supervised, and that direct lending is still focused on large companies in emerging market economies with questionable value-added. read article...

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